TOKYO Best 10 Things to Do


To do in winter

1. Winter sports

  •  snow boarding
  • -skiing

2. Hot Spring
3. Winter illumination
4. Try Japanese Food


  • hot pot(we call it "nabe")
  • Omochi, Oshiruko

5. See the plum flower in shrine, temple or park


To do in all season
1. Disney land and sea(in winter, it's so cold, so be careful)
2. Temple and shrines

  • Asakusa is the most famous in Tokyo
  • Meiji jingu(it's one of biggest in Tokyo, close to Harajuku)

3. City area

  • Shibuya - so many people and young pop cultures. Robot restaurant is popular for foreigner.
  • Harajuku - teenager love this place. You can find many cute or strange teenagers
  • Odaiba - Good night view and big Gundum which worth watching

4. Tsukiji fish market - early morning, you can see many fishes in market and you can try fresh fishes around market


1. Hakone

1.5 -2 hour train from Tokyo, famous for hot spring. If it's good weather you can see Mt.Fuji


2. Kamakura
About 1.5 hour by train from Tokyo. There are many famous temple. Also there is a street you can find many cute fun shops for food and goods

About 30 min from Kamakura. Famous for fresh fish restaurant, beautiful sea view and aquarium.


3. Yokohama
1 hour from Tokyo by train. Famous for Chinese town, sea view, night illumination, amusement park, spa.
Akarenga - shop and restaurant place. In winter, you may be able to play skating though it's small.

4. Nikko


1. Kanazawa(2 hour by bullet train)
2. Tateyama(3hour by bullet train)
3. Kyoto(3-4 hour by bullet train)